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RxJS-based middleware for Redux. Compose and cancel async actions to create side effects and more.

Note: this project is quite stable, but is currently in maintenance mode. Critical fixes will still be released, but for now no additional features or changes will be considered as the maintainer @jayphelps is not actively working on any apps that use redux-observable (or any UI apps at all, actually.) If you would like to become a maintainer, please reach out to @jayphelps. There is some ongoing discussion around a potential 2.0.0 release (based on the current alpha) if you'd like to join in.


This has peer dependencies of rxjs@6.x.x and redux@4.x.x, which will have to be installed as well.

npm install --save redux-observable

Note: current stable version redux-observable doesn't work with rxjs@7.x.x, it works with rxjs@6.x.x. If you still want to use rxjs@7.x.x, upgrade to redux-observable@2.0.0-rc.2.


We publish a UMD build inside our npm package. You can use it via the unpkg CDN:

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*redux-observable is a community-driven, entirely volunteer project and is not officially affiliated with or sponsored by any company.


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