Hot Module Replacement

Replacing Epics that were already running with a new version can potentially create strange bugs because Epics naturally may maintain some internal state or depend on some external transient state or side effect. Think about how debouncing keeps track, or more insidious before you kick off an AJAX request you put the store into a pending state. This is not unique to redux-observable; every alternative middleware we know of has this problem because it's inherent to the nature of handling side effects.

In practice however, we're unsure if this will notably impact the typical developer and since Hot Module Replacement is only used in local development, we do provide a replaceEpic(nextEpic) method that can be used for this purpose.

import rootEpic from './where-ever-they-are';
const epicMiddleware = createEpicMiddleware(rootEpic);

if ( {'./where-ever-they-are', () => {
    const rootEpic = require('./where-ever-they-are').default;

When you call replaceEpic an @@redux-observable/EPIC_END action is dispatched before the replacement actually happens. This gives you a synchronous opportunity to do any cleanup you may need. You can choose to listen for this action in your Epic itself or in you reducer, where ever it makes the most sense.

Inside your Reducer

import { EPIC_END } from 'redux-observable';

const userIsPending = (state = false, action) => {
  switch (action.type) {
    // Listen for the Epic ending to put things
    // back into a safe state
    case EPIC_END:
      return false;

    case FETCH_USER:
      return true;

      return state;

Inside your Epic

import { EPIC_END } from 'redux-observable';
import { race } from 'rxjs/observable/race';

// Race between the AJAX call and an EPIC_END.
// If the EPIC_END, emit a cancel action to
// put the store in the correct state
const fetchUserEpic = action$ =>
    .mergeMap(action =>
          .mapTo({ type: FETCH_USER_CANCELLED })

If you use replaceEpic and have noticed bugs of any kind (or even if it works wonderfully for you!), please do report them so we can evaluate the future of this feature!

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