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If your problem isn't yet listed here or you need other help, please use Stack Overflow first with the redux-observable tag. If you don't receive a response after a reasonable amount of time, create an issue ticket that includes a link to your Stack Overflow question.

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RxJS operators are missing! e.g. TypeError: action$.ofType(...).switchMap is not a function

RxJS supports the ability to add operators individually so your bundles remain small. redux-observable honors this by having the ActionsObservable extend Observable but otherwise not adding any of the core operators to the prototype.

Add all operators

If you want to instead add all operators, you can import the entire library inside your entry index.js:

import 'rxjs';

This will add every core RxJS operator to the Observable prototype.

Add only the operators you use


import 'rxjs/add/operator/switchMap';

// OR

import { switchMap } from 'rxjs/operator/switchMap';

There are several ways to do this, so we don't suggest any particular one in the docs. Check out the RxJS documentation on this.

If you use the 'rxjs/add/operator/name' technique, you may find it helpful to create a single file where you place all of these so you don't have to import the same operators repeatedly.

TypeError: object is not observable

This almost always means somewhere you're passing an object to an RxJS operator that isn't observable-like. That means it's not an Observable, Promise, Array, doesn't support Symbol.observable, etc.

The following are some examples of that.

(action$, store) => Observable.from(store)

The store provided to your Epics is the same one provided by redux to the middleware. It is not a full version of the store, so it does not support the Symbol.observable interop point to allow Observable.from(store). You can learn more about this here.

TypeError: Cannot read property 'subscribe' of undefined

This almost always means you're using an operator somewhere that expects to be provided with an observable but you instead did not give it anything at all. Often, you may be passing a variable but it is unknowingly set to undefined, so step through a debugger to confirm.

Happens from combineEpics()

Usually this means you're not returning an observable from one or more of your Epics. Often this is just a missing return.

const myEpic = action$ => { // MISSING EXPLICIT RETURN!

this is set to Window

If you are organizing your epics into a class. (E.g. in order to benefit from Angular 2 dependency injection), you might have made the mistake of using class methods:

class TooFancy {
  constructor(private somethingInjected:SomethingInjected)
  checkAutoLogin (action$: Observable<IPayloadAction>) {
    console.log(this); // Is Window! when called from redux-observable

follow the docs and:

class TooFancy {
  constructor(private somethingInjected:SomethingInjected)
  checkAutoLogin =  (action$: Observable<IPayloadAction>) => {
    console.log(this); // YOu can access somethingInjected

See (Arrow functions used as methods)

It seems like your epics are not responding to actions

You might be returning the result of calling subscribe on an Observable from one of your epics.

const myEpic = action$ => {
  return action$.ofType(...)
  // performing side effect with .subscribe!
  .subscribe(item => console.log(item));

The problem with this is that calling subscribe on an Observable does not return another Observable. All epics should return an Observable. If you ran into this issue and want to learn more about it, read through this issue:

If you want your epic to be "read-only", meaning you want it to perform side-effects without producing any downstream actions, you can use the following pattern.

const myEpic = action$ => {
  return action$.ofType(...)
  .do(item => console.log(item))

This approach essentially returns an empty Observable from the epic, which does not cause any downstream actions.

Something else doesn’t work

If you think your issue is a bug with redux-observable, create an issue;

If you figure it out, edit this document as a courtesy to the next person having the same problem.

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